some say it is the best they've ever had
(don't worry, we still have Real Kettle Corn)

Cheesecake on a Stick


Fresh, Delicious German Roasted Nuts

All we can say is, if you like our Kettle Corn...

you will LOVE our sweet nuts and you'll go GaGa over our cheesecake on a stick!

If you want something a little decadant, try the cheesecake on a stick.  We start with a full slice of cheesecake, freeze it on a stick and when you order we hand dip it in chocolate coating. It's truly the best thing to ever fall on a stick.

If you want some crunch in your snack, try our cinnamon roasted sweet nuts. Using only the freshest nuts and the best ingredients, we focus on the art of making quality, delicious snacks for you to enjoy. Maybe you want to enjoy your bag of pecans or almonds one sweet nut at a time, or maybe you want to mix some in your bag of Real Kettle Corn for an occasional 'extra' treat.  Either way, come find us when we're near you for a free sample and find your own favorite way to enjoy our treats.

We promise you'll love what we do.